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Charging Bull

sculpture by Arturo Di Modica
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Charging Bull is a sculpture in Bowling Green, Manhattan, New York City. It was put there without permission by Arturo Di Modica in 1989 but because it was popular it stayed.

Charging Bull
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ArtistArturo Di Modica
Year1989 (1989)
Dimensions11 feet (3.4 m) tall & 16 feet (4.9 m) long[1][2]
Weight7,100 pounds (3,200 kg)
LocationNew York City, New York, U.S.
Coordinates40°42′20″N 74°00′48″W / 40.705576°N 74.013421°W / 40.705576; -74.013421Coordinates: 40°42′20″N 74°00′48″W / 40.705576°N 74.013421°W / 40.705576; -74.013421
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The bull was cast by Arturo Di Modica in the Bedi-Makky Art Foundry at a cost of about $360,000. On 15 December 1989, Di Modica put the 3.5 ton statue under a Christmas tree on Broad Street, outside the New York Stock Exchange.[2]


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