Walney Island

island in the United Kingdom

Walney Island (also known as the Isle of Walney)[1] is an island off the west coast of England, at the western end of Morecambe Bay in the Irish Sea. It is part of Barrow-in-Furness which is separated from the mainland by Walney Channel. It is spanned by the Jubilee Bridge.

Creephaw Marsh in Walney Island.
View to North end of Walney Island.

Walney is the largest island of the Furness Islands group, both in population and size. It is the largest English island in the Irish Sea. The population at the 2011 UK Census was 10,651, distributed evenly across the island's two Wards of Walney North & South.[2]

Walney Island was formed during the last glacial period. When the River Duddon was a large glacial lake, it is depositing till at its mouth and finally forming Walney Island. Some evidence of neolithic inhabitants has been found in the island's sand dunes.[3] The island contains two nature reserves, at either end. Its sandy beaches make it a popular leisure site.


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