Warship (TV series)

British television series (1973-1977)

Warship was an extremely popular British television drama series produced by the BBC between 1973 and 1977.

The series was about life on board a Royal Navy warship, the fictional HMS Hero. It was mainly filmed aboard the Leander-class frigate HMS Phoebe.

Four Leander class frigates played the role of HMS Hero. They were HMS Phoebe, HMS Dido, HMS Hermione and HMS Jupiter. All the crews of these warships were given HMS Hero cap tallies for filming purposes.

The creator of the series was a serving Royal Navy officer, Ian Mackintosh. He wrote three books based on episodes of the series. They were simultaneously published in hardback and paperback. The books were:

  • Warship (published in 1973);
  • HMS Hero (published in 1976);
  • and Holt RN (published in 1977).

The opening music of the series was a march played by the Royal Marines, called Warship, and written by Anthony Isaac. It is still played by Royal Marine bands.

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