Welcome to Paradise

1994 single by Green Day

Welcome to Paradise is a song by rock band Green Day. It first appeared on their second album Kerplunk in 1992. A new version appeared on the album Dookie in 1994.[1]

Song meaning change

The song is about young people moving out of their parents' home.[1]

The song was written by Billie Joe Armstrong.

Music video change

The music video shows Billie Joe (Green Day's singer) playing a West Oakland citizen who watches a dangerous notoriety caused by a group of thugs then he goes home to watch the citizens and what they do each day.

Differences between Kerplunk and Dookie version change

The Kerplunk version has a slower sound and the Dookie version is more fast-paced and also both versions have slightly different lyrics. The original version of the song from Kerplunk was not a single but the Dookie version was.

The album cover for Dookie in fact, shows a comedic depiction of chaos happening in West Oakland.

In the booklet for the Dookie album a cartoonish drawing in West Oakland is shown.

References change

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