West Point (1928 movie)

1928 film by Edward Sedgwick

West Point is a 1928 silent movie. The story and screenplay were written by Raymond L. Schrock. Titles were written by Joseph Farnham. The movie was directed by Edward Sedgwick. It was produced by Maj. Raymond G. Moses. The movie was shot on location at West Point and vicinity. Photoplay gave the movie a nice review, commenting: "Bill Haines' starring vehicle ... treats everything in a humorous vein in the beginning, getting many laughs." The same story was used for Dress Parade in 1927 starring William Boyd and Bessie Love. The 1928 movie has been released to DVD.


Brice Wayne (played by Billy Haines) is an arrogant, impudent, and flippant West Point cadet. He realizes that he does not have the proper school spirit. He plays football, but is dismissed from the team shortly before the Army-Navy match. Brice resigns from the Military Academy. He retracts when his friends Tex McNeil (played by William Bakewell) and Betty Channing (played by Joan Crawford) encourage him to stay. Restored to the team, Brice scores the big goal in the game against Navy.