What Will the Neighbours Say?

2004 studio album by Girls Aloud

What Will The Neighbours Say? was a 2004 album by Girls Aloud. It was their second album. Five singles were released from it. After the album was released Girls Aloud did their first tour, What Will the Neighbours Say? Live.


  1. "The Show"
  2. "Love Machine"
  3. "I'll Stand By You"
  4. "Jump"
  5. "Wake Me Up"
  6. "Deadlines and Diets"
  7. "Big Brother"
  8. "Hear Me Out"
  9. "Graffiti My Soul"
  10. "Real Life"
  11. "Here We Go"
  12. "Thank Me Daddy"
  13. "I Say A Prayer For You"
  14. "100 Different Ways"