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Whorl is a type of spiral pattern.

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English Wiktionary
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Leaf whorl

Other meanings of whorl include:

  • Whorl (mollusc), a single, complete 360° turn in the spiral growth of a mollusc shell
    • Body whorl, in a mollusc shell the most recently formed whorl of a spiral shell, terminating in the aperture
  • A whorl of sepals or petals or leaves on plants, in which all the parts are attached at the same point and surround or wrap around the stem.
  • In biology a whorl might occur at the ends of different structures or occur in the middle of structures. It's often used to describe the structures of organs and used in the aid of identification. It's a cluster of cells or tissue that surround another, that starts at the same plain of axis or starts at one point and wraps around that point in an expanding circular pattern.
  • A type of fingerprint pattern
  • A whorl (spindle) is a weight attached to a spindle