Wiener AC

sports club in Austria

Wiener A.C. was a football club which played in Austria. It was founded in 1897. The football section of the club has a great past, but today the club only plays football outside the league system. Altogether the club played 38 seasons in Austrias first football league.

Wiener AC
Full nameWiener Athletiksport Club



The football section of the club was founded on 14 October 1897. Till 1904 they won the Challenge Cup and the Wiener Tagblatt-Pokal three times each. This were the most important trophies in Austrian football at that time. 1910 most players of the first team left the club and founded WAF. The bigest success was the championship in 1915.

In 1928, the club reached the Austrian Cup final, losing 2–1 to SK Admira Wien. 1930/31 they won the Austrian Cup and were qualified for the Mitropa Cup. There they reached the final but lost both matches against First Vienna FC. During the occupation of Austria by Nazi-Germany they played in the Gauliga Ostmark. 1959 they won the Austrian Cup again winning against SK Rapid Wien.

In the 1960s the club formed after the relegation from the top league a union with FK Austria Wien. The club was named FK Austria/WAC Wien but soon the FK Austria took it´s old name. Therefore the name WAC vanished from Austrian football. In 1983 they started the football section again but it no longer plays in competitions.

Today the club has successful hockey and basketball teams.

Notable Players


Top scorers of WAC

  • Johann Studnicka (Austrian League leading goalscorer in 1913 with 13 goals)
  • Johann Neumann (Austrian League leading goalscorer in 1913 with 13 goals and 1914 with 25 goals)
  • Leopold Deutsch (Austrian League leading goalscorer in 1915 with 12 goals)
  • Friedrich "Fritz" Cejka (Austrian League leading goalscorer in 1960 with 28 goals)
  • Hans Pirkner (Austrian League leading goalscorer in 1976 with 28 goals) in the joint team with Austria Wien


  • 3 x Challenge-Cup: 1901, 1903, 1904
  • 3 x Tagblatt-Pokal: 1900, 1901, 1902
  • 1 x Austrian Champion: 1915
  • 2 x Austrian Cup: 1931, 1959