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wikiHow is a wiki-based website with a collection of articles which tell people how to do things. The site uses version 1.12.0 of MediaWiki. As of August 2017, wikiHow contains more than 190,000 free how-to articles and over 1.6 million registered users. wikiHow's mission is to create the world's largest collection of how-to information. In May 2011, wikiHow had 36 million unique readers.[1]


In January 2005, Jack Herrick and Josh Hannah started wikiHow. On April 28, 2006, wikiHow was launched on its own domain.[2]


wikiHow's censorship policy usually does not allow articles about things that:[3]

  • Are "sexually charged"
  • Are inaccurate
  • Contain potty humor
  • Are joke pages, or pages that rely on backwards logic
  • Are spam pages, or pages advertising a product or service
  • Violate copyright
  • Are not a step-by-step how-to guide
  • Are illegal
  • Contain drug use; especially information about illegal drugs
  • Or are potentially destructive or dangerous.

Some people complain that this does not support the idea behind an educational resource.


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