Wikipedia:Don't Judge Based on English Wikipedia

The Simple English Wikipedia has a number of users who are currently, or have been in the past, banned from the English Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia Foundation projects. However, these people may have changed, and may be completely wonderful editors on the Simple English Wikipedia, but are rejected for positions of trust, or ignored in discussions, because of their actions elsewhere.

No editor of the Simple English Wikipedia (regardless of whether they dealt with the user elsewhere), under most circumstances, is permitted to judge a editor, for negative reasons, based on their actions elsewhere. An editor may judge a editor and vote in a RfA with a support vote saying they are a CheckUser on another Wikimedia project, but an editor may not vote in a RfA with a oppose vote saying they are currently serving a ban for repeat violations of policy.

This means a editor can not be blocked solely on the basis of being banned off Meta-Wiki, but they can be blocked, via usual means, if they act the same way here. The sole exceptions of this policy is if a Wikimedia Foundation order is issued that we ban a user or a user is deemed a cross-wiki vandal.

Violations of this policy may also class as violations of the policies of Assume good faith and No personal attacks. Judging on behaviour elsewhere can be seen as one user is not assuming good faith in the new user, as well as insulting the new user saying "they are incapable of becoming a better editor". Breaches of policy may result in a block.