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Skins in Wikipedia are different layouts of Wikipedia. On Wikipedia, as a website using the software MediaWiki, you can change the style of the page if you have a Wikipedia account (see below to change skin without logging in). If you are not logged in, you can only use the default skin, Vector. There are a total of 9 alternative skins, mostly kept for historical reasons. They don't have many features because they are not actively developed. The standard skin is Vector, which was introduced in 2010. However, some users use the skin Monobook. Only these two skins are recommended.


How to change the skinEdit

Once you have an account, go to your settings and go to the "Skin" section of the Appearance tab. With the default skin, this page can be accessed at any time from the "my settings" link placed on the top right corner. Choose your skin and then click Save. Then, all pages will be loaded with the new selected skin.

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