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The Simple News

Recently at the Simple English Wikipedia' activity has been shifting from one community process to another. You may remember last issue I wrote about our PVGA and PGA processes. I'm pleased to report that these processes are no being regularly updated by our community members.

However, it seems that this has taken a toll on our DYK? section which has now become very dormant! The hooks haven't been updated in over a week now and very few on the page have been reviewed. Unfortunately as these are community processes, and also one that ultimately ends up on our Main Page, one individual cannot run the process them by themself!

Now, i'm not saying ditch GA and VGA, as that would then be going full circle - but how about all three?

Think about it: it really doesn't take that long to check over an article for the DYK criteria, and it takes even less time to nominate an article!

So, why not? DYK is the perfect opportunity to get your favourite article featured on the Main Page without having to do lots of work on it to get it to a VGA standard.

Interested? Head over to Template talk:Did you know and nominate or discuss some hooks!

In Other News
  • SEWP's collection of Transport Articles is helping... but we need help!
  • A new VGA process is being discussed!
Goblin 21:22, 2 March 2009 (UTC)