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The Simple News
QandA with Chenzw

For this edition Pmlinediter interviewed Chenzw.

Ok, so tell me about yourself, where are you from and what do you do?

Well, I am a secondary school student (high school) from Singapore.

Cool :). I'm in secondary school as well. Tell me how (and when) you discovered Wikipedia and what got you editing here.

Well, at that time Wikipedia was first started, the newspapers ran an article about it.

Of course, I didn't start then

Everything only happened when I saw another article about 3 years back detailing the work of Wikipedians that are secondary school students in Singapore.

One of them is Tdxiang, by the way :)

So, when was your first edit made?

[1] :) 10 March 2007

Oh, looks like that article was dated 2 years back then :P :O

So, an oldie then :). Tell me, what do you like most about Wikipedia?

Well, Wikipedia's aim about allowing everyone access to "the sum of all human knowledge" is indeed a very meaningful one, that is probably one of the things I like the most.

Ok, and what do you like the least about Wikipedia?

Probably all the drama and the bureaucracy. If you just go to EN, you will be overwhelmed by the shockingly high numbers of all kinds of noticeboards.

Yes, that was one of the reasons I like least about WP too

You've been around for quite a while - what keeps you at Wikipedia?

Well, if no one stays around, the project will collapse in no time; I wouldn't want that kind of thing to happen.

Ok. What change would you like to see most in WP?

Well, Wikipedia has now been made a very stressful environment, based on the point of view of others. Some of us need to remember that Wikipedia is a place where people volunteer to improve articles, not a place where you are heavily scrutinised.

Yes, I agree.

Any last things you'd like to say, shout-outs etc.?

Well, I don't think I have anything much to say (sorry I am not exactly chatty) :P

Ok, thanks for your time.

No problem :)

Well thanks for that Chenzw! Look out for more QandA interviews in future editions!

Pmlineditor 10:01, 11 July 2009 (UTC)