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Hello there all! This is the first article that I will be writing for the Simple News section, so let me know if there is anything that I can do to fix things here. Thanks!


Ever since that webcomic on xkcd, we have gotten an increase in both new editors and vandalism. While I am happy about the former, the latter is a bit disturbing. Most people would really like simple to be as vandalism free as it has been in the past year or so, but it is inevitable that our Wikipedia will start to see an increase in vandalism as we grow bigger. Therefore, people with rollback have gotten quite a bit of use out of the rollback tool and that is good, because it will help us to weed out the people who are not able to use the tool well, and will help us patrol vandalism here on the Simple English Wikipedia.

Patrol pages extensionEdit

As a side note, I believe that we should allow people to patrol new pages like they allow at the English Wikipedia. That way, people here can look through the new pages and mark the ones that need to be marked for quick deletion. This would help us keep unneeded pages off of the Simple English Wiktionary.

Thanks, and I look forward to writing my next article for you! Razorflame 19:27, 1 March 2009 (UTC)