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WikiLove can make Wikipedia a better place.

Wikilove is a word used to refer to a spirit of understanding and kindness toward other users on wiki. Because many different kinds of people edit here in Simple English Wikipedia, it is easy for conflicts to happen often, and for a discussion to sink into incivility (rudeness), and rudeness to flamewars. So, in fighting with each other, we can forget what the real goal of Simple English Wikipedia is: to share what we know in simple English to make an encyclopedia anybody can change. Wikipedia is not a place to argue. It is a place to learn and share new things.

If we remember this love of knowledge and continue to be civil, we will be able to make a healthier and happier Simple English Wikipedia!

Tips for spreading the WikiLove change

Let’s all work to spread the WikiLove!
  • WikiLove means being patient and kind. Try to understand each other's feelings and be polite.
  • WikiLove means looking for the best in people.
  • Never be mean to newcomers.
  • Follow our rules–they make it easier to work with one another.
  • Try to be nice to each other. Remember that we are all people and we like to feel appreciated! When you make a comment, try saying something nice first. For example, you can say "thank you" or smile at them.
  • Don't lose your temper, and don't say "me first". Try to keep your cool. Getting angry and lashing back will only hurt yourself, and, in the end, what people think of Wikipedia.
  • Forgive other people. Keep the good memories. Forget the bad ones.
  • Try to write things from a neutral point of view.
  • Be welcoming, if you notice an editor is new or seems to need help, why not show them some WikiLove with a short friendly welcome message on their talk page.
  • Never give up on WikiLove! Even though it might be hard at first, in the end, it will help Wikipedia become a much happier place!

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