Win–loss record (pitching)

number of wins and losses credited to a pitcher in baseball

In baseball, a win–loss record shows the number of games that a pitcher has won and the number of games he has lost. In each game, one pitcher on the winning team is awarded a win (the "winning pitcher") and one pitcher on the losing team is given a loss (the "losing pitcher"). These pitchers are known as the pitchers of record. The awarding of a win or a loss for a pitcher is known as a decision, and only one pitcher for each team receives a decision in each game. A starting pitcher who does not receive credit for a win or loss is said to have no decision. In certain situations, another pitcher on the winning team who pitched in relief of the winning pitcher can be credited with a save, and holds can be awarded to relief pitchers on both sides, but these are never awarded to the same pitcher who is awarded the win.