Winchester Model 1887


The Winchester Model 1887 is a lever-action shotgun invented by John Browning. It was one of the first successful repeating shotguns. When the repeating rifle became more popular in the decades after the American Civil War, the need for a shotgun that could hold more than just two shotgun shells at a time also grew. Using the same lever action used in repeating rifles, John Browning created the Model 1887. While it was popular at the time it was first made, its popularity quickly went away after John Browning invented the first pump-action shotgun a few years later.

Even though it quickly lost its popularity in the real world, it is still a popular gun shown in movies and video games. It was the gun of choice for characters Kyle Reese and the T-800 in the Terminator movies. It was also one of the most popular guns used in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.