Wojciech Kilar

Polish composer

Wojciech Kilar (17 July 1932 – 29 December 2013) was a Polish classical and movie composer. He was known for his composing in Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Pianist. He received many awards throughout his fifty years of composing.

Wojciech Kilar
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Wojciech Kilar
Born17 July, 1932
Lwów, Poland (present-day Lviv, Ukraine)
Died29 December 2013(2013-12-29) (aged 81)
Spouse(s)Barbara Pomianowska
(m. April 1966 – November 2007 – her death)

Kilar was born on 17 July 1932 in Lwów, Poland (present-day Lviv, Ukraine). He studied at State Higher School of Music and at State Higher School of Music.

Kilar married Barbara Pomianowska in April 1966. They had no children. Their marriage lasted for almost over forty years. Pomianowska died in November 2007.

Kilar composed many movie compositions. He composed the trailer music for Schindler's List. He also composed the music for Promised Land and for Dracula. He composed his musical works during a festival for Pope John Paul II.

In 1991 Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi made a movie about his life titled Wojciech Kilar.

Kilar, who was suffering from brain cancer during his final years, from which he died on 29 December 2013 in Katowice, Poland at the age of 81.[1]


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