process of making objects from wood

Woodworking is a skill. In woodworking, one can cut or sand (make wood smooth).

Safety measures change

When one is doing woodworking, be careful of being hurt. Remember to wear safety goggles or a facemask (like safety goggles. but to protect ones face). Do not wear long clothing, because it can get stuck in a tool.

Courses change

There are a lot of woodworking classes, many of them are offered in middle school.

In woodworking, the type of wood you get is very important. There are many kinds of softwood and many kinds of hardwood. The words hard and soft wood comes from the type of tree it came from. A hard pice of wood could be softwood.

There are a lot of tools that people use during woodworking, such as sandpaper (used to make wood smooth to touch), files, rasps (all used for trimming wood, cutting, etc.), saws (cutting wood), and automatic saws (saws that use electricity to run).