World Youth Day

event for young people organized by the Catholic Church

World Youth Day (WYD) is a gathering (meeting) of young Catholic people. It was created by Pope John Paul II in 1984 "to consolidate the ordinary youth ministry by offering new encouragement for commitment, objectives which foster ever greater involvement and participation"[1]. In other words, the Pope wanted young Catholics to come together, and work together.

The day is celebrated around the world every year, and every two or three years, a gathering is held at a different place. Thousands of people (including young people) from many countries go to this celebration. Because of World Youth Day, many young people are more likely to work together around the world.

The last World Youth Day celebration was held in 2005, in Cologne, Germany, the country in which Pope Benedict XVI was born in. About 1,200,000 attended the event. In 2008 World Youth Day was held in Sydney, Australia and in 2011 in Madrid,Spain and in 2013 in Rio,Brazil