Yarudora Series Vol. 3: Sampaguita

1998 video game

Yarudora Series Vol. 3 Sampaguita is the third one in the Yarudora series originally released for PlayStation and later released for the PlayStation Portable console. It was released October 15, 1998 with PlayStation and July 28, 2005 with PlayStation Portable in Japan.

Yarudora Series Vol. 3 Sampaguita
Developer(s)Sugar & Rockets Inc.
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s)PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
  • JP: 15 October 1998
PlayStation Portable
  • JP: 28 July 2005


While walking home in the rain from a party one night, the protagonist finds a girl sitting in the street. Homing in closer for a look, she has a cut on her head and is bleeding. Chivalry isn't dead when the player props the girl on his back and brings her home. Her name is Maria but she remembers nothing else about herself and why she was in the gutter.

Features in the game include a graphics gallery, a replay function, and the ability to view various endings once they are achieved during a normal game.

The game features 28 different endings (20 bad endings, 5 normal endings and 3 good endings) depending of the player choices during the game.


 Manufacturer's description:

All stories will be told in the video! Play time is about an hour and a half hours average once. In the meantime, all of the story is told in only go video and audio. Smooth deployment, such as that seen OVA though.

Cold rain-swept night, the hero has found a woman crouched in a narrow alley. The name of the unique woman came Maria, from the Philippines. . . . And a cassette tape of the book, photos of Itcho handgun, a piece of Maria was in the back. Flowing leisurely moments with Maria, the mystery man of the Philippines · break it out.

What I find a past hero of Maria?


  • First person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Mystery, dating & Anime themes.