Yone Minagawa

Japanese supercentenarian

Yone Minagawa (January 4, 1893 – August 13, 2007) was a Japanese supercentenarian and the world's oldest living person[1] between January 29, 2007, and Minagawa's death at age 114 years 221 days.

Minagawa became Japan's oldest person in April 2005, following the death of 114-year-old Ura Koyama. With the death of 114-year-old Emma Tillman on January 29, 2007, Minagawa became the world's oldest living person. She was 114 years 25 days old at the time. Following her death, then 114-year-old Edna Parker became the new world's oldest living person.


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Preceded by
Emma Tillman
Oldest Recognized Living Person
January 29, 2007 – August 13, 2007
Succeeded by
Edna Parker