ZAPiT Games

Canadian company based in Mississauga

ZAPiT Games, Inc. was a company from Mississauga, Canada. It started in 2003 to make a home video game console for families.[1] To do that, they worked with companies such as National Semiconductor, Panasonic and Altera to make the Game Wave Family Entertainment System.[1]

ZAPiT Games, Inc.
Company typePrivate
FoundedMississauga, Canada, (2003)
ProductsGame Wave Family Entertainment System
WebsiteZAPiT Games

ZAPiT Games also makes games for the BlackBerry and iPhone.

Game Wave Family Entertainment System change

The Game Wave Family Entertainment System is a hybrid DVD player and video game console. That means it can play both DVDs and video games. It first came out in October 2005 during the seventh generation of video game consoles.[2] The games for the system are trivia games, video game versions of traditional board or card games.[3]

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