Zeami Motokiyo

Japanese aesthetician and playwright
In this Japanese name, the family name is Zeami.

Zeami Motokiyo (世阿弥 元清, 1363 – 1443), also lnown as Kanze Motokiyo (観世 元清), was a Japanese actor and playwright.[1]

Career change

His career in Noh theater was supported by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.[1] After Yoshimitsu's death, the later Ashikaga shoguns were less supportive.

Sado Island change

In 1434, Zeami was exiled to Sado Island. He returned only a few years before his death.[1]

Selected works change

In a summary based on writings by and about Zeami, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 1,700+ works in 4,400+ publications in 40+ languages and 56,600+ library holdings. [2]

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  • Kadensho, 1420-1430
  • Hagoromo
  • Shunkan
  • Takasago
  • Tadanori
  • Kinuta
  • Izutsu

References change

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