Zombie walk

organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes

A zombie walk is a trek made by people costumed as zombies. These people may also act as starving zombies. They pretend to be looking for human brains to eat. Some people create characters for themselves such as zombie brides, clowns, or mad scientists.

New Jersey Zombie Walk participant, 2009

These walks are community events. They are sometimes held near Halloween. There are day walks and night walks. People of all ages join the walk. Sometimes professional make up artists help walkers prepare their faces. Variants on the walk format include zombie pub crawls and zombie runs.

A walk might be held to raise money for a community concern such as local hunger. Sometimes walkers bring packaged and canned foods for the local food bank. Zombie Walks are held around the world. They may attract thousands of zombie walkers.

In October 2013, the annual New Jersey Zombie Walk had the largest crowd of zombies ever at 9,592. This crowd walked along the Asbury Park boardwalk. This Zombie Walk is in the Guiness World Record.[1]


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