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Ōmononushi (Japanese: 大物主神, romanizedŌmononushi-no-Kami) is a god in Japanese mythology who is connected to Mount Miwa in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture. He is closely related to the god Ōkuninushi in the imperial myth cycle, with the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki texts referring to Ōmononushi as either another name for or a spirit of Ōkuninushi.

Mitama of Ōkuninushi; god of nation-building, agriculture, business, medicine, brewing, and seafaring
Ōmononushi (depicted aniconically as an orb) appears before Ōkuninushi (Izumo Taisha, Shimane Prefecture)
Other namesŌmononushi-no-Ōkami (大物主大神)
Yamato-no-Ōmononushi-Kushimikatama-no-Mikoto (倭大物主櫛甕魂命, 倭大物主櫛𤭖玉命)
Yatokakasu-Mimoro-no-Mikoto (八戸挂須御諸命)
Ōmononushi-Ashihara-no-Shiko(o) (大物主葦原志許(乎))
Miwa-no-Ōkami (三輪大神)
Ōmiwa-no-Ōkami (意富美和之大神)
Miwa Myōjin (三輪明神)
Miwa Daimyōjin (三輪大明神)
Konpira Daigongen (金毘羅大権現)
Ōsugi Daimyōjin (大杉大明神)
Ōsugi Daigongen (大杉大権現)
Major cult centerŌmiwa Shrine (Mount Miwa), Kotohira Shrine, Ōsugi Shrine and others
TextsKojiki, Nihon Shoki, Harima Fudoki and others
Personal information
Mihotsuhime (Nihon Shoki)
Seyadatarahime (Kojiki)
Yamato-Totohimomosohime (Shoki)
ChildrenIsukeyorihime / Isuzuhime
Kushimikata (Kojiki)
Ōtataneko (Nihon Shoki)

Ōmononushi is mainly worshipped at Ōmiwa Shrine located at the base of Mount Miwa. This mountain is considered the shrine's sacred object of worship. Ōmononushi is also known as Miwa-no-Ōkami or Miwa (Dai)myōjin. He is also worshipped at Ōsugi Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture, and is identified with Konpira Daigongen, the deity of Kotohira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture.

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