2009 WWE Draft

WWE's intra-brand draft

The 2009 WWE Draft took place April 13, 2009 at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] It was the sixth yearly draft and the seventh overall.

The WWE draft is run by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is a way to add to their rosters after separating into two separate rosters (Raw and SmackDown!) in 2002. This is known as the WWE Brand Extension.

ECW was added as WWE's third brand in 2006. Under the brand extension, superstars are brand exclusive. This means they belong to and perform on brand. A brand uses its brand's show to perform. For example, SmackDown Superstars perform on SmackDown.

The draft was shown on an episode of Raw.[1]

Selections change

Montel Vontavious Porter was the first overall pick in the 2009 WWE Draft.
Pick # Brand (to) Employee
(Real name)
Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Montel Vontavious Porter
(Hassan Assad)
Male wrestler SmackDown
2 Raw The Big Show
(Paul Wight)
Male wrestler SmackDown
3 SmackDown Melina
(Melina Perez)
Female wrestler Raw
4 Raw Matt Hardy Male wrestler SmackDown
5 Raw Triple H
(Paul Levesque)
Male wrestler SmackDown
6 SmackDown CM Punk
(Phil Brooks)
Male wrestler Raw
7 Raw The Miz
(Mike Mizanin)
Male wrestler ECW
8 SmackDown Kane
(Glenn Jacobs)
Male wrestler Raw
9 SmackDown Chris Jericho
(Christopher Irvine)
Male wrestler Raw
10 ECW Vladimir Kozlov
(Oleg Prudius)
Male wrestler SmackDown
11 Raw Maryse
(Maryse Ouellet)
Female wrestler SmackDown
12 SmackDown Rey Mysterio
(Oscar Gutierrez)
Male wrestler Raw

References change

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