2020 Bolivian general election

Bolivian general election

Snap general elections were held in Bolivia on 18 October 2020 for President, Vice-President, and all seats in both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.[2]

2020 Bolivian general election

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as of 00:38 UTC−04:00[1]
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Luis Fernando Camacho 2019.png
Nominee Luis Arce Carlos Mesa Luis Fernando Camacho
Party Movement for Socialism (Bolivia) FRI Independent
Alliance none Civic Community[b] Creemos[a]
Running mate David Choquehuanca Gustavo Pedraza Marco Pumari
Popular vote 3,393,978 1,775,943 862,184
Percentage 55.10% 28.83% 14.00%

Mapa Electoral de Bolivia por provincias 2020.png
Results by province

Interim President before election

Jeanine Áñez

Elected Interim President

Luis Arce

The results of the election will replace the disputed results of the October 2019 elections, which were annulled during a prolonged political crisis.


Party Presidential candidate Vice presidential candidate
Movement for Socialism (MAS) Luis Alberto Arce Catacora David Choquehuanca
Civic Community[c] Carlos Mesa Gustavo Pedraza
We Believe[d] Luis Fernando Camacho Marco Pumari
The Front For Victory[3] Chi Hyun Chung Leopoldo Chui
National Action Party of Bolivia Feliciano Mamani Ruth Nina


Party Presidential candidate Votes % Chamber Senate
Seats +/– Seats +/–
Movement for Socialism Luis Arce 2,713,160 53.58 29 6
Civic Community Carlos Mesa 1,494,578 29.52 10 5
We Believe Luis Fernando Camacho 749,478 14.80 6 1
Front For Victory Chi Hyun Chung 78,808 1.56 0 0
National Action Party of Bolivia Feliciano Mamani 25,813 0.51 0 0
LIBRE 21 Jorge Quiroga 1,115 0.02 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 248,126
Total 4,940,583 100 130 0 36 0
Registered voters/turnout 7,332,926
Source: OEP (76.62% counted)


  1. Coalition consisting of ADN, PDC and UCS
  2. Coalition consisting of FRI, JESUCA and Chuquisaca Para Todos
  3. Coalition consisting of FRI, JESUCA and Chuquisaca Para Todos
  4. Coalition consisting of PDC and UCS


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