2020 Kyrgyz parliamentary election

parliamentary election in Kyrgyzstan

Parliamentary elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on 4 October 2020.[1]

2020 Kyrgyz parliamentary election
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All 120 seats in the Supreme Council
61 seats needed for a majority
as of 08:49, 5 October 2020 GMT+6
Party Leader % Seats ±
Unity Marat Amankulov 24.90 46
Mekenim Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Bakirov 24.27 45
Kyrgyzstan Kanatbek Isaev 8.90 16
Butun Kyrgyzstan Adakhan Madumarov 7.25 13
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Kubatbek Boronov
Election results annulled
Sadyr Zhaparov becomes acting prime minister

The results showed that pro-government parties had won a supermajority of seats. The election was annulled by the Central Election Commission during the 2020 Kyrgyzstan protests.[2]


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