computer virus

AIDS is a computer virus that infects .COM and .EXE files.[1] In MS-DOS, the .COM and .EXE files run programs including the operating system. When a computer is infected with this virus, it loads the virus into the computer memory.[2] There, the AIDS virus may infect another .COM or .EXE file each time it is run.[1] AIDS writes on the first 13,952 bytes of an infected executable file. These corrupted files have to be deleted and replaced by non-corrupted backups to remove the virus.

This virus is also known as the "Hahaha virus" in Europe.[1] IBM calls it the "Taunt virus". When an infected computer starts up, it displays a message, with AIDS covering about half of the screen.[1] The system is then halted. It is impossible to recover the original information of the file on the rewritten part.[1]


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