A Little Oblique

album by deadmau5

A Little Oblique is a self-released compilation. This is by dance producer deadmau5. It is one of his most obscure albums, as it was finished on his SectionZ page.

It includes many songs which were later released on other albums (such as Vexillology) and collaborations with Melleefresh and Steve Duda.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Secrets"   6:03
2. "TL7" (featuring Melleefresh) 4:35
3. "Caliox A"   4:27
4. "Full Bloom"   5:56
5. "Beautiful, Rich and Horny" (featuring Melleefresh) 6:25
6. "Bitter Kitten"   6:06
7. "Digitol"   4:06
8. "Porcelain" (featuring Steve Duda) 5:09
9. "Squid"   1:39
10. "Make Me Make That Sound" (featuring Melleefresh) 4:39
11. "Bitches" (featuring Steve Duda) 4:30