Record producer

individual who oversees and manages the recording of an artist's music

A record producer (or music producer) is a person who takes charge of a recording session, in the same kind of way that a movie director is in charge of filming movies. Record producers help musicians and recording artists to make singles and albums. The producer controls the recording sessions, coaches and guides the musicians and supervises the recording, mixing and mastering processes to make the music finalized.

In a professional context, there are two types of music producers:[1]

  • In-House - the more common type of the two are in-house producers. They come included in a studio rental fee and they get credited in a song’s copyrights. It’s mainly for their involvement in the entire process. Studios might use producers as a way to get more people to use their services.
  • Independent Music Producer - the second producer type is an independent producer. They may have gained a desirable reputation in the industry and would be directly hired by a band or artist.

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