Aboriginal Provisional Government


The Aboriginal Provisional Government (APG) is an Indigenous Australian activist group. It campaigns for indigenous sovereignty over Australia. It was formed by elders from several communities across Australia, including the Pitjantjatjara, Wiradjuri, Yolngu and Eora. The founders of the APG were Bob Weatherall, Geoff Clark, Josie Crawshaw, Michael Mansell,[1] Kathy Craigie and other representatives from all states of Australia.[2]

Aboriginal Provisional Government
FormationJuly 1990
TypeAboriginal organisation
Legal statusactive
Purposeadvocate and public voice, educator and network
HeadquartersLaunceston, Tasmania
Official language
Bob Weatherall
Key people
Michael Mansell
Geoff Clark
Josie Crawshaw
WebsiteAboriginal Provisional Government

It was officially created on 16 July 1990.[3] Its stated purpose is to establish its own government and an Aboriginal nation state. The APG argues that the indigenous people of Australia never gave up their sovereignty and therefore Australian law and title over the country is void (means nothing).[3][4]

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