Abraham Quintanilla

American singer, songwriter and record producer
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Abraham Issac Quintanilla, Jr. (born February 20, 1939) is a Mexican American singer. He was Selena's manager throughout her life.

Abraham Quintanilla
Background information
Birth nameAbraham Issac Quintanilla Jr[1]
Also known asAbraham, Abraham Quintanilla
Born (1939-02-20) February 20, 1939 (age 85)[1]
OriginCorpus Christi, Texas[1]
GenresPolka, Doo-wop, Tejano
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, record producer
Years active1950s – 1972
LabelsFalcon Records

Los Dinos era change

Abraham and his close friends formed a Mexican American doo-wop band called, Los Dinos beginning in the 1950s.[2] Los Dinos took to the road everywhere their music was much appreciated. Through struggles, Los Dinos signed numerous minor Texas based record companies.[2] By the 1960s Los Dinos switched their musical styles to Tejano music due to their low popularity. Abraham quite the band to tend to his family full-time soon after his third and final child, Selena was born in 1971. Abraham became managing his children's music abilities, soon after his daughter Selena had the ability to sing high notes in perfect pitch tune and memorization.[2]

Selena y Los Dinos era change

In the late 1970s, Abraham formed a new group composed of his three children, which was named Selena y Los Dinos.[3] Abraham opened a Mexican American restaurant in 1982, which featured performances by his musically gifted children. Unfortunately, the restaurant was unsuccessful and closed in its first year.[3] By 1984, Abraham became the children's manager full-time for live concerts, performance on television shows, and so forth with the help of the "Selena Tour Bus".[3] In 1993, Abraham opened up his own recording studio, Q-Productions which he managed with various artists.[4] In the same year, the "Selena Fan Club" was formed by Yolanda Saldivar who later took Selena's life.[3] In 1995, Abraham was no longer the manager of Selena and her band Selena y Los Dinos due to an upcoming crossover album that would have propelled Selena into the main strain American pop.[3] On March 31, 1995, Abraham's youngest child, Selena was murdered at the age of 23. Soon after her death, Abraham and his family created The Selena Foundation, a charitable organization which would help children in crisis.[3][5]

Personal life change

Abraham Quintanilla continues to produce new acts in the music business and film[6] with his record company, Q-Productions.[4] Since Selena's death, Abraham Quintanilla appeared in numerous television Selena specials.[3][7]

Discography change

Studio albums
Album information[8]
Los Dinos (The Guys)
    • Released: 1963?
Con Esta Copa (With This Cup)
    • Released: 1964
The Dinos (Falcon release)
    • Released: 1965
    • Released: 1962?
Unknown fifth release (Bernal release)
    • Released: 1967?
Unknown sixth release (Bernal release)
    • Released: 1974?

Filmography change

Year[9] Film Role Notes
1997 Selena Executive Producer
1997 Selena Remembered Producer
2003 Greatest Hits DVD Producer
Year Title Role Notes
1995–present Tejano Music Awards himself, receiving awards for Selena TV appearances
1998? American Justice: Selena episode himself
1998 Behind The Music: Selena the movie himself
1999 Corpus: A Home Video for Selena himself
2004 Noche de estrellas: Premio lo Nuestro 2004 himself, receiving awards for Selena
2005 Don Francisco presenta himself
2005 Selena: Noche de estrellas himself
2005 Selena !VIVE! himself
2005 Selena ¡vive!, acceso total himself
2007 Selena: Queen of Tejano himself
2007 Making of Selena: 10 Years Later himself

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