Acklins and Crooked Islands

former district of the Bahamas

Acklins and Crooked Islands was a district of the Bahamas until 1996, and as Acklins, Crooked Island and Long Cay until 1999. The islands are at 22°30′N 74°0′W / 22.500°N 74.000°W / 22.500; -74.000.

Acklins and Crooked Islands is located in Bahamas
Acklins and Crooked Islands
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates22°21′N 74°1′W / 22.350°N 74.017°W / 22.350; -74.017
Area238−389 km2 (92−150 sq mi)
The Bahamas Bahamas
Population560[1] (2010)

The population of Acklins was 428, and Crooked Island 350, at the 2000 census.[2]

Since 1999, Acklins and Crooked Island are separate districts.

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