Adele Willie

Vanuatuan sports commentator

Adele Willie is a female sports commentator.[1][2] Willie is from Vanuatu.[1] She is among a group of the first female sports commentators from the Pacific Islands.[1] Willie provides commentary on soccer.[1] She discusses soccer in her own indigenous language, which is Bislama.[3][4] Willie is one of the first commentators from the Pacific Islands to cover the Women’s World Cup.[5]

Early life change

Willie did not get to play soccer as a child.[6] In Vanuatu, mostly boys play soccer.[6]

Career change

Willie was a sports journalist for the Daily Post Vanuatu.[7] She said men did not want to talk to female journalists.[7]

Willie, Jannesa Hinge Moli and Lavenia Yalovi got to call the Pacific Games in 2015, the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and the OFC Women’s Nations Cup.[4] Willie, Hinge Moli, and Yalovi trained for 8 months through an organization called WINS (Women in News and Sports) to get the opportunity to speak about soccer.[3] Willie and Hinge Moli talked in Bislama, and Yalovi talked in Fijian.[8]

Then, they were the first female commentators to go to the Women’s World Cup from the Pacific Islands.[1][5][9] They were invited by FIFA.[2][4][10] It was part of FIFA Women’s World Cup Pacific Commentary Project.[4]

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