building material of earth and organic materials

Adobe is a building material made from soil and often organic matter.[1] Adobe means mudbrick in Spanish.[2] It can also mean any kind of earth construction.

Pima Indian woman making pottery by an adobe hut

Adobe is one of the earliest building materials ever used.[3] It is found all over the world. The techniques used in adobe construction have not changed since the 16th century in the Southwestern United States.[3] Because they are not fired in a kiln they never become hard.[3] They shrink and swell as the water content in them changes.[3] Also, as they get wetter, they become weaker.[3]

Adobe does not permanently stick to wood, metal or stone because it moves more than they do.[3] This causes cracks and seperation from other materials.[3] Stone is sometimes used as a foundation and wood for the roof.[3] These are usually held in place by their own weight or the weight of the adobe pressing down on them.[3] But adobe construction is cheap and the materials are usually easy to find.

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