Albert Dekker

American actor and politician (1905–1968)

Albert Dekker (December 20, 1905 – May 5, 1968) was an American character actor and politician. He was best known for his roles in Dr. Cyclops, The Killers, Kiss Me Deadly, and The Wild Bunch. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He served as a member of the California State Assembly from 1945 through 1947 as a Democrat.

Dekker in 1947

Dekker was found dead at his home in Hollywood, California by his fiancée Jeraldine Saunders on May 5, 1968. He was 62 years old. He was naked, kneeling in the bathtub, with a noose tightly wrapped around his neck and looped around the shower curtain rod. His death was ruled to be an accidental case of erotic asphyxiation.[1]

Dekker has a star, in the motion picture category, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6620 Hollywood Boulevard.[2]


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