Alec Jeffreys

British geneticist

Sir Alec John Jeffreys CH FRS (born 9 January 1950) is a British geneticist. He developed techniques for genetic fingerprinting and DNA profiling which are now used worldwide in forensic science. The information helps police detective work and solves paternity and immigration disputes.[5]

Sir Alec Jeffreys

Born (1950-01-09) 9 January 1950 (age 74)
EducationLuton Sixth Form College
Alma materUniversity of Oxford (BA, DPhil)
Known forGenetic fingerprinting
Susan Miles (m. 1971)
Scientific career
ThesisStudies on the mitochondria of cultured mammalian cells (1975)
InfluencedTuri King[4]

Jeffreys is a professor of genetics at the University of Leicester.[6][7] He became an honorary freeman of the City of Leicester on 26 November 1992.[8] In 1994, he was knighted for services to genetics.[6][9][10]


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