Alexander Kazarsky

Russian Navy officer

Aleksandr Ivanovich Kazarsky (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ива́нович Каза́рский) (June 16, 1797 – June 16, 1833) was a Russian Navy officer. He was the hero of the Russo-Turkish War (1828–1829). Kazarsky was the captain of brig Mercury. He became famous after the victory in the battle against two Turkish ships of the line.

Aleksander Ivanovich Kazarsky
June 16, 1797 – June 16, 1833
Born(1797-06-16)June 16, 1797
DiedJune 16, 1833(1833-06-16) (aged 36)
Allegiance Russian Empire
Service/branch Imperial Russian Navy
Battles/warsRusso-Turkish War (1828–1829)
Brig Mercury Meeting with the Turkish squadron. Vladimir Kosov
Fight brig Mercury. 65x120 oil on canvas 2017-2021 Vladimir Kosov


Kazarsky's grave in Mykolaiv
  • Kazarsky joined the fleet in 1811.
  • In 1814 he became an officer.
  • 14 May 1829 Kazarsky won the battle against two Turkish ships.
  • From 26 May to 17 July 1829 Kazarsky was the Captain of frigate Pospeshny.
  • From 1831 to 1833 Kazarsky was a member of the retinue of Nicholas I of Russia.
  • In 1833 he was poisoned.

A brig and a torpedo boat were named after Alexander Kazarsky.