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Alfonso Lovo Cordero

politician from Nicaragua
Alfonso Lovo Cordero, 1972

Alfonso Lovo Cordero (June 11, 1927 – May 10, 2018)[1] was a Nicaraguan politician. He served in Liberal-Conservative Junta from May 1, 1972 until December 1, 1974.[2] He was born in Danli, Honduras.

Lovo Cordero was a member of the Nationalist Liberal Party (NLP).

On December 23, 1972, Lovo Cordero exercised power after the NLP as Chief Director of the National Guard. On March 1, 1973, President of the National Guard Agüero resigned and Edmundo Paguaga Irías was appointed in his place; they handed power to him on December 1, 1974. Lovo along with doctor Lorenzo Guerrero Gutiérrez became senators of the National Congress.

Lovo Cordero retired from politics and from public life in 2013. He died on May 10, 2018 in the United States at the age of 90.[3]


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