Alice Cooper

American singer (born 1948)

Alice Cooper (born February 4, 1948) is an American rock singer. Originally, there was a band called Alice Cooper led by a singer named Vincent Damon Furnier. The band was one of the creators of a very theatrical and violent type of heavy metal music that was designed to shock and would come to be known as "shock rock."[1]

Alice Cooper
Cooper in 2015
Cooper in 2015
Background information
Birth nameVincent Damon Furnier
Born (1948-02-04) February 4, 1948 (age 76)
Detroit, Michigan, US
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • actor
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • harmonica
Years active1963–present

Life change

In 1974, Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper and started making solo music. Cooper's solo career began with the 1975 album Welcome to My Nightmare. Over the years Cooper has played many different musical styles.

Alice Cooper is known for his social and witty persona offstage. The Rolling Stone Album Guide referred to him as the world's most "beloved" heavy metal entertainer. He helped to shape the sound and look of heavy metal. Cooper is also credited as being one of the first to bring movie-like looks to the rock concert stage in the late 1960s.

Away from music, Cooper is also an actor, a golfer, a restaurant owner and a popular radio DJ.

Alice Cooper keeps his professional life and home life separate, to the extent that, when his children see him on televison, they say "That's Alice Cooper," and not "That's Dad."

Alice Cooper is one of the few performing artists who still has money earned in the 1970s.

Alice Cooper wears one half of a pair of matching padlocks, and his wife wears the the other half. This was part of their wedding ceremony, and if one wants to leave the marriage, they have to ask the other for the key.

The rock show, as it is known today, originated in Vincent Furnier's belief in what a rock show should be.

Alice Cooper lives on a budget agreed with his accountant.

Alice Cooper believes in personal hygiene, but uses only enough soap to clean himself, as he believes that too much soap is bad for your health.

Alice Cooper's mother used to send him $5.00 per week, as she believed that musicians do not make money.

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