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America's Next Top Model, Cycle 20

season of television series

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 20 (also known as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls) is the twentieth season of America's Next Top Model. It is the fourteenth season to be shown on The CW. The season started in summer 2013. Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Bryanboy, and Rob Evans returned as judges on the show. Like in the previous cycle, the public votes on contestants.[3]

Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes16[1]
Original channelThe CW
Original runAugust 2, 2013 – November 8, 2013[2]
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Season summary

It is the first season of America's Next Top Model to include more than fourteen contestants. It is also the first to have male contestants in the competition. Male contestants has happened previously in Spain's Supermodelo 2008 and Bosnia and Herzegovina's OBN Star Model.



The prizes for this cycle are:[4]


(ages stated are at time of contest)[5]

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Bianca Alexa 18 Los Angeles, California 16th
Christopher "Chris" Schellenger 24 Houston, Texas 15th
Chlea Ramirez 20 Bear, Delaware 14th
Michael "Mike" Scocozza 27 Los Angeles, California 13th
Bianca "Kanani" Andaluz 19 Chicago, Illinois 12th
Jessica-Diana "Jiana" Davis 20 Denver, Colorado 11th
Phillip "Phil" Sullivan 24 Lanesboro, Massachusetts 10th
Alexandra Agro 21 Palm City, Florida 9th
Donald "Don" Benjamin 25 Minneapolis, Minnesota 8th
Nina Burns 18 New York, New York 7th
Jeremy Rohmer de Diego 19 Mission Viejo, California 6th
Renee Bhagwandeen 24 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5th
Christopher "Chris" Hernandez 25 North Bergen, New Jersey 4th
Cory Wade Hindorff Trava 22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3rd
Marvin Cortes de Xevi 20 Bronx, New York Runner-up
Jourdan Miller 19 Bend, Oregon Winner

Episode SummaryEdit

Episode 1 & 2Edit

casting episode

Episode 3Edit

  • First Call-Out: Marvin Cortes
  • Bottom Three: Mike Scocozza, Bianca Alexa & Chris Schellenger
  • Eliminated: Bianca Alexa & Chris Schellenger

Episode 4Edit

  • First Call-Out: Mike Scocozza
  • Bottom Two: Don Benjamin & Chlea Ramirez
  • Eliminated: Chlea Ramirez

Episode 5Edit

  • First Call-Out: Jourdan Miller
  • Bottom Two: Mike Scocozza & Jeremy Rohmer
  • Eliminated: Mike Scocozza

Episode 6Edit

  • First Call-Out: Cory Wade Hindorff
  • Bottom Two: Jiana Davis & Alexandra Agro
  • Eliminated: Alexandra Agro

Episode 7Edit

  • First Call-Out: Jourdan Miller
  • Bottom Three: Kanani Andaluz, Phil Sullivan & Jeremy Rohmer
  • Eliminated: Kanani Andaluz & Jeremy Rohmer

Episode 8Edit

  • First Call-Out: Jourdan Miller
  • Bottom Two: Phil Sullivan & Jiana Davis
  • Eliminated: Jiana Davis

Episode 9Edit

  • First Call-Out: Chris Hernandez
  • Bottom Two: Marvin Cortes & Phil Sullivan
  • Eliminated: Phil Sullivan
  • Returned: Alexandra Agro

Episode 10Edit

recap episode

Episode 11Edit

  • Returned: Jeremy Rohmer
  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Alexandra Agro & Chris Hernandez
  • Eliminated: Alexandra Agro

Episode 12Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Don Benjamin & Marvin Cortes
  • Eliminated: Don Benjamin

Episode 13Edit

  • First Call-Out: Jourdan Miller
  • Bottom Three: Nina Burns, Jeremy Rohmer & Chris Hernandez
  • Eliminated: Nina Burns & Jeremy Rohmer

Episode 14Edit

  • First Call-Out: Jourdan Miller
  • Bottom Three: Cory Wade Hindorff, Chris Hernandez & Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Eliminated: Chris Hernandez & Renee Bhagwandeen

Episode 16Edit

  • Eliminated Outside of Judging panel: Cory Wade Hindorff
  • Final Two: Jourdan Miller & Marvin Cortes
  • America's Next Top Model: Jourdan Miller


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