American Go Association

American organization to promote the board game of Go

The American Go Association (AGA) was founded in 1935, and it is responsible to promote and manage the board game of Go in the United States of America.[1] It is also a member of the International Go Federation.

AGA Activities change

The AGA publishes a weekly online newsletter, The American Go E-Journal, and an annual Yearbook. They maintains a national rating system and organizes national events, The US Go Congress and AGA City League.[2] They also select North American representatives in international tournaments;[3] and support their members as they promote Go in their communities. AGA also holds a youth summer camp that includes instruction from professional players.

AGA Professional System change

In December 2011, The AGA made a new professional players system for the US and Canada.[4] Their certification system is open to US and Canadian citizens via invitation.[4] In recognition of this movement, several Asian professional tournaments have invited AGA professionals.[5][6]

AGA Professional Players change

Professional status in Go is valid for life unless the player retires (This is also same in Japan and other Asian countries). The dates below indicate when the players were granted the AGA professional status.

  • 2012: Andy Liu 1P and Gansheng Shi 1P[7]
  • 2014: Calvin Sun 1P[8]
  • 2015: Ryan Li 1P[9]
  • 2016: Eric Lui 1P[10]

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