American League Championship Series

Major League Baseball series to determine which team will represent the American League in the World Series

In Major League Baseball, the American League Championship Series (ALCS), played in October, is a playoff round that decides the winner of the American League pennant. The winner of the series moves on to play the winner of the National League Championship Series in baseball's championship, the World Series. It is a "best-of-seven" series, meaning the first team to win four games

History change

In 1969, MLB expanded the leagues to two divisions. As a result, the League Championship Series was implemented. Originally, it was a best-of-five series, meaning a team had to win three games to advance to the World Series. In 1985, the LCS was expanded to a best-of-seven format.

Since 1995, the two winners of the ALDS advance to the ALCS.

List change

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Year Winner Loser Record Series MVP
1969 Baltimore Orioles Minnesota Twins 3–0  
1970 Baltimore Orioles Minnesota Twins 3–0  
1971 Baltimore Orioles Oakland Athletics 3–0  
1972 Oakland Athletics Detroit Tigers 3–2  
1973 Oakland Athletics Baltimore Orioles 3–2  
1974 Oakland Athletics Baltimore Orioles 3–1  
1975 Boston Red Sox Oakland Athletics 3–0  
1976 New York Yankees Kansas City Royals 3–2  
1977 New York Yankees Kansas City Royals 3–2  
1978 New York Yankees Kansas City Royals 3–1  
1979 Baltimore Orioles California Angels 3–1  
1980 Kansas City Royals New York Yankees 3–0 Frank White, Kansas City
1981 New York Yankees Oakland Athletics 3–0 Graig Nettles, New York
1982 Milwaukee Brewers California Angels 3–2 Fred Lynn, California
1983 Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox 3–1 Mike Boddicker, Baltimore
1984 Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals 3–0 Kirk Gibson, Detroit
1985 Kansas City Royals Toronto Blue Jays 4–3 George Brett, Kansas City
1986 Boston Red Sox California Angels 4–3 Marty Barrett, Boston
1987 Minnesota Twins Detroit Tigers 4–1 Gary Gaetti, Minnesota
1988 Oakland Athletics Boston Red Sox 4–0 Dennis Eckersley, Oakland
1989 Oakland Athletics Toronto Blue Jays 4–1 Rickey Henderson, Oakland
1990 Oakland Athletics Boston Red Sox 4–0 Dave Stewart, Oakland
1991 Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays 4–1 Kirby Puckett, Minnesota
1992 Toronto Blue Jays Oakland Athletics 4–2 Roberto Alomar, Toronto
1993 Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox 4–2
1994 Not held due to labor dispute.
1995 Cleveland Indians Seattle Mariners 4–2 Orel Hershiser, Cleveland
1996 New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles 4–1 Bernie Williams,
New York
1997 Cleveland Indians Baltimore Orioles 4–2 Marquis Grissom, Cleveland
1998 New York Yankees Cleveland Indians 4–2 David Wells, New York
1999 New York Yankees Boston Red Sox 4–1 Orlando Hernández, New York
2000 New York Yankees Seattle Mariners 4–2 David Justice, New York
2001 New York Yankees Seattle Mariners 4–1 Andy Pettitte, New York
2002 Anaheim Angels Minnesota Twins 4–1 Adam Kennedy, Anaheim
2003 New York Yankees Boston Red Sox 4–3 Mariano Rivera, New York
2004 Boston Red Sox New York Yankees 4–3 David Ortiz, Boston
2005 Chicago White Sox Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4–1 Paul Konerko, Chicago
2006 Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics 4–0 Plácido Polanco, Detroit
2007 Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians 4–3 Josh Beckett, Boston
2008 Tampa Bay Rays Boston Red Sox 4–3 Matt Garza, Tampa Bay
2009 New York Yankees Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4–2 CC Sabathia, New York
2010 Texas Rangers [1] New York Yankees 4–2 Josh Hamilton, Texas [2]
2011 Texas Rangers Detroit Tigers 4–2 Nelson Cruz, Texas
2012 Detroit Tigers New York Yankees 4–0 Delmon Young, Detroit
2013 Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers 4–2 Koji Uehara, Boston
2014 Kansas City Royals Baltimore Orioles 4–0 Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City
2015 Kansas City Royals Toronto Blue Jays 4–2 Alcides Escobar, Kansas City
2016 Cleveland Indians Toronto Blue Jays 4–2 Andrew Miller, Cleveland
2017 Houston Astros New York Yankees 4–3 Justin Verlander, Houston
2018 Boston Red Sox Houston Astros 4–1 Jackie Bradley Jr., Boston
2019 Houston Astros New York Yankees 4–2 Jose Altuve, Houston

Denotes wild-card team (since 1995).

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