An Jung-sik

Korean artist (1861-1919)

An Jung-sik (1861–1919) was an artist who lived in the late Chosun dynasty. In 1918 he organized the association of paintings and writings artists (Seohwa-hyeopae;서화협회;書畵協會)'. And he founded 'Gyeong Mook Dang (경묵당;耕墨堂)' in which artists and supporters gathered and communicated with each other. As the leader of the association he made an effort to educate younger artist generation. He was excellent at landscape, portrait, flowers and birds.

His main works are:

  • Cheon-guboyeodo (천보구여도;天保九如圖)
  • Nakjirondo (낙지론도;樂知論圖)
  • Sansoodo (산수도;山水圖)
  • Goonjakdo (군작도;群雀圖).

In his period, the western modern art was introduced to Korea, and the Korean traditional art was declining. He not only tried to succeed the traditional art but also adapt the western art, a realistic trend.


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