Andrew Horatio Reeder

American politician (1807-1864)

Andrew Horatio Reeder (July 12, 1807 – July 5, 1864) was the first governor of the Territory of Kansas.[1]

Andrew H. Reeder
1st Territorial Governor of Kansas
In office
July 7, 1854 – August 16, 1855
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byWilson Shannon
Personal details
BornJuly 12, 1807
Easton, Pennsylvania
DiedJuly 5, 1864(1864-07-05) (aged 56)
Easton, Pennsylvania
Political partyDemocrat (until 1860)
Republican (from 1860)
Spouse(s)Amalia Hutter
Professionattorney, soldier

Early Life


Reeder was born on July 12, 1807 in Easton, Pennsylvania. He went to school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He became a lawyer in 1828 in Pennsylvania. In 1831, he married Frederika Amalia Hutter. They had three sons and seven daughters.



Reeder supported the idea of popular sovereignty (where people in a state would decide whether a state becomes free or slave) about slavery. On June 29, 1854, President Franklin Pierce asked Reeder to be the governor of the Kansas Territory. He said yes. He would stay governor until August 16, 1855.

On March 30, 1855, many pro-slavery people from Missouri illegally voted in Kansas. Those people wanted Kansas to become a slave state. This caused a lot of violence between Missouri and Kansas, known as Bleeding Kansas. Reeder did not approve the results. He set up new elections.[2]

President Franklin Pierce asked Reeder to quit. This is because Reeder did not let Kansas become a slave state.



Reeder came back to Pennsylvania. He was a part of the Republican Party. He stayed in politics and law. He died in Easton, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1864. He is buried in Easton Cemetery.[3]


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