Anette Hosoi

American mechanical engineer, biophysicist

Anette E. "Peko" Hosoi is an American engineer. Hosoi is a sports engineer.[1][2] She was one of the first female faculty at Harvey Mudd College. She moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is the Associate Dean of Engineering.[1]

 Anette Hosoi

Education change

Hosoi received her Bachelor's degree at Princeton. She also received her Master's degree and PhD at the University of Chicago.[1]

Career change

Hosoi has so many passions to pursue. Her research contributions contain fluid dynamics, biomechanics and bio-inspired design.[1] She is an expert in “soft robotics.”[1] Her work is used by physicists, biologists, roboticists.[1]

She has many passions in sports, engineering and mathematics.[2][1] Anette Hosoi joined Harvey Mudd College in 2001. She was one of the first female employees. Hosoi was a role model to many females. Later on, Harvey Mudd became much more open to women.[3] In 2002 Hosoi joined the Mechanical Engineering program at MIT as an assistant professor as well as a mathematics professor.[1]

Engineering change

Hosoi pursued her passion for engineering by becoming a professor of mechanical engineering as well as the associate dean of MITs school of Engineering.[1] She displayed her love for engineering while biking.[2] She is always ready to jump into fixing problems.

Sports change

Hosoi enjoyed sports and athletics.[2] She is an intense mountain biker.[2] From fixing her bike in the middle of mountain biking to inventing solutions to problems during the Olympics, Hosoi can do the impossible.[2]

Mathematics change

Hosoi has always found mathematics to be extraordinary. She started out as one of the first women professors of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and eventually became a mathematics professor at MIT.[1][3]

Sports Lab change

Hosoi founded the MIT Sports Lab which solves the physics behind worldwide athletic accomplishments.[1] Here they apply engineering and mathematics to solve problems in the sports domain as well as using engineering to help elevate sports performances.[1]

Awards & Accomplishments change

Hosoi is the professor and associate department head for operations in MITs Department of Mechanical Engineering.[1] She has also received awards like the Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Distinguished Teaching, the Bose Award for Excellence in Teachings and the Jacob P. Den Hartog Distinguished Educator Award.[1]

Women Leadership change

As one of the first female recruits at Harvey Mudd, Hosoi added value as a female role model in which others could look up to. Many more female students approached her office as a safe space that they belong in. This shows the necessity of female teachers, role models and female leadership.[3][4]

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