Peninsula in Schleswig-Holstein

Modern Angeln, (Danish: Angel; Latin: Anglia, which also means in direct translation from Latin: England), is a peninsula in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Ancient Angeln may have been somewhat larger than the Angeln of today, but following the ancient sources it included the territory of modern Angeln.

Map of Angeln and Schwansen
Map of Angeln / Angel - with German and Danish placenames

Angeln has an importance far beyond its small area, as it seems to have been the original home of the Angles who invaded the southern part of Great Britain, which was named after them, England. And so the name of the major world language, English, seems to have taken its name from this little region.

Following the departure of the Angles from Anglia about 350,[1] the region was occupied by Danish settlers not later than the 8th century.

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