Antônio, Prince Imperial of Brazil

Member of the Imperial House of Orleans-Braganza

Dom Antônio, Prince Imperial of Brazil (born 24 June 1950, Rio de Janeiro) is a member of the Imperial House of Brazil and the Prince Imperial of Brazil according to the disputed claims of the Imperial Family's Vassouras branch, being the first in the line line of succession to the Brazilian throne as heir to his elder brother Bertrand, Prince of Brazil.[1]

Prince Antônio
Prince Imperial of Brazil
Dom Antonio de Orleans e Bragança, Príncipe do Brasil e de Orleans e Bragança.jpg
Prince Antônio in 2021
Born (1950-06-24) 24 June 1950 (age 72)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ConsortPrincess Christine of Ligne
IssuePrince Pedro Luiz
Princess Amélia
Rafael, Prince of Grão-Pará
Princess Maria Gabriela
Full name
Antônio João Maria José Jorge Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga de Orleáns e Bragança
FatherPedro Henrique, Crown Prince of Brazil
MotherPrincess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria

He came from the younger branch, known as the branch of Vassouras, of the House of Orléans-Braganza and, for Brazilian monarchists who were supporters of this branch, he came third in the order of succession to the throne of Brazil, just after his two unmarried brothers.